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Brace Components
SpineCor™ as a dynamic corrective brace is made up of TWO components:
The first component consists of the following:
  • Pelvic base
  • Crotch bands
  • Thigh bands
These parts act as an anchoring point and support for the actions applied to the patient’s trunk by the elastic bands.
The second component consists of the following:
  • Bolero
  • Corrective bands (elastic)
Functions of these parts are directly related to the active principle of the dynamic corrective brace. It allows custom fitting of the brace aimed at modifying the postural geometry of the moving spinal column.
The corrective bands of different lengths allows for many possibilities in brace adjustment for an optimal result.
A bodysuit is worn under the brace for the following reasons:
  • Hygiene; it helps to keep the brace cleaner for a longer period
  • Added comfort; to provide a barrier between your skin and the brace
  • Reduce skin irritation and possible chafing, especially in the early stages
Brace accessories such as comfort pads, Velcro connectors, comfort bands and waist pads will be fitted accordingly to each individual’s condition to ensure comfort and help prevent rubbing on the applied area.