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Brace Washing & Drying Instructions
When removed, your brace will consist of two halves. Top and bottom sections may both be washed.
Hand or machine washing on a delicate cycle with maximum temperature of 40 degrees is possible.
DO NOT BLEACH OR USE FABRIC SOFTENER as it will affect the elasticity in the corrective bands.
Tips for machine washing:
  • Put top half of the brace (bolero with attached corrective bands) in a laundry bag.
  • Do the same for bottom half of the brace (pelvic base, crotch bands and thigh bands). Remember to leave all parts attached and NEVER undo the lacing at the back of the pelvic base
  • The two laundry bags containing the brace components can then be washed together in the machine and avoid having it becoming tangled.
In a warm climate such as Malaysia, the brace can be air dried indoors, drying under direct sunlight is permitted for 1-2 hours. Corrective bands and thigh bands are best laid flat to dry.
Machine drying (via a dryer) on a low heat (maximum temperature of 40 degrees) is possible.
DO NOT place any of the brace components on a radiator or directly in front of a heater.