Treatment SpineCor™ System Soft Bracing
The evaluation of a potential SpineCor™ patient combines clinical examination, radiological and postural evaluations by the accredited SpineCor™ fitter.
All evaluations will be done with patient’s feet in the standardized position using the SpineCor™ foot template.

1. Clinical Evaluation
Observation of postural disorganization
Measurement of prominences using a scoliometer
Measurement of the Coronal Balance (regional & global) using a laser line
Evaluation of any pain present
Measurement of patient’s height & weight
2. Radiological Evaluation
Specific views of X-rays are required to gather the maximum 3D information needed for patient classification.
Apex location
Cobb angle
Coronal Balance (regional & global)
Sagittal curve magnitude
Vertebral & sacral tilt